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How big are these Medicare conglomerates who own us all?

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How big are these Medicare conglomerates who own us all?

This article first appeared on Linkedin on March 10, 2022, and is written by Scott Nichols


So just how big are these vast conglomerates who own us all in the world of Medicare marketing? Well if you combine the two biggest conglomerates out there “gobbling up” all the FMO’s across the country you will see the following.


They boast of having over 850,000 agents and advisors in their downline!


They outright own 7 national direct to consumer call centers and an expansive network of direct to consumer websites to compete against you! Their own downline agents! They own advertising agencies, lead companies, data companies and more. (By our count) They have currently consumed 236 FMO’s, Brokerages, and Financial & Wealth Planning companies. For you the agent, they offer free software so to make your Medicare quoting and enrollment easy.


Why free and so easy?


Well, if you look at their privacy policy’s or user agreements, they say you are permitting them to share your entered data for insurance purposes amongst their owned subsidiaries. They say they do not sell your data, so I guess they just want to borrow it for a while?


So who would be borrowing your client data? Well, ad agencies, lead companies, data companies, 236 insurance and financial brokerages and 850,000 agents. No! Really? Well you ok’d it right? The proof is in the experience. Ask yourself this, since you started using the “FREE” Medicare system and CRM from your vast conglomerate up line (or the free one from your FMO who was consumed by a vast conglomerate) have your clients been contacted more or less?


I’ll bet more. Much more!


According to recent published surveys from senior associations the average Medicare beneficiary receives up to 12 calls a day from a Medicare call center with at least 2-3 pieces of Medicare marketing mail. This of course doesn’t count AEP when it triples or more. “Senior benefits” “Medicare help line” “ “US Benefits” “Medicare Enroll” All these and more call your clients daily and many are owned by the vast conglomerate who bought your FMO.


There seems to be little a field agent can do to fight back against this hoard of insurance conquistadors, but here is one thing you can do.




Use our Search & Save Medicare system & CRM!

The Agent built and agent serviced Medicare system & CRM that is accurate, private, and secure.


The first line of our privacy policy reads

“We will never mine, sell, or share your client data with ANYONE EVER!”


Look, you don’t have to leave your BFF FMO.


You can swap stories, drinks, and laughs at their next Top Golf event.


But as far as the serious nature of protecting your client data from “sharing” you need us.


You pay less than $1 a day per user. You get to help keep your client data from being “shared” and you accuracy, privacy and protection.

30-day free trial with no credit card needed

Join the over 4000+ agents who are protecting their business by using Search & Save


-Scott Nichols

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