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Putting the puzzle pieces together on TPMO Medicare Call Centers

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Putting the puzzle pieces together on TPMO Medicare Call Centers

This article first appeared on Linkedin December 12, 2022 and is written by Scott Nichols.


The link to the YouTube interview was sent to me by an agent friend. Once AEP was over, I finally got the chance to watch this very interesting interview with an actual consumer who was getting contacted by the many Medicare call centers out there. What made this interview (51 min) so interesting was this gentleman is 34 years old! He is not on disability nor on Medicare. He is not dual eligible either. He is just an ordinary person who (as you will see) unfortunately answered a call to his phone. He has told the call center representatives that he was on the national DNC list. That is 34 years old and not eligible for Medicare. It makes not difference. The calls keep coming…..because he answered his phone.


The average number of calls were 25 a day with a spike of calls to 90 a day during AEP. He decided to ask to be passed through to a supervisor. Instead, he was “live” transferred to an agent. Once the agents discovered he was 34 years old and not a lead for Medicare he was cussed at, hung up on, etc. This man decided to start digging into his rights as a consumer and who was behind all of these calls. What he learned was tangled and incredible.


He said the calls were from different generic names and random “local” numbers, but all led to the same place in the end.


“Senior Benefits” “Medicare Help Center” “US Benefits” “Medicare Enroll” “Healthcare Department” “Medicare Advisory” even “Medicare” itself were names used by the call center employees. “You qualify for “X” benefits and we are here to help you access it” were the common pitch lines. Once he was able to speak to a call center supervisor who told him that since he answered the calls he was considered a “premium lead” and that he would likely get even more calls because he answered the phone. The call centers goal was to get his call transferred. This was ultimately how the call center got paid. He discovered this particular call center was named All Star BPO in Rawalpindi Pakistan and has a contract with Integrity Marketing Group LLC for services. There were also many other US call centers who contacted his as well.


He could not block the numbers because the call centers are using SPOF numbers with generic names. SPOF numbers are the kind that look local but are really from call centers. It is a strategy to get you to answer the phone. He even got a call from his Dad’s phone number! It was not his Dad….it was a call center. In an attempt to dig deeper he finally got “transferred” to an agent who would speak to him. She was an agent under the Berwick Insurance Group (a partner of Integrity Marketing Group LLC). She informed him that his transfer to her came through a company called Connection Pointe (a partner of Integrity Marketing Group LLC) and that the “live” transfer lead cost her $11.


After this call, he contacts Berwick Insurance (a partner of Integrity Marketing Group LLC) and speaks to one of their executives who flatly denies they have anything to do with these call centers or the selling of these leads to their agents.


As the daily calls continue to roll in, the man does not stop his efforts to get to the bottom of all these calls and the selling of his information. He ends up speaking to the legal team at Integrity Marketing Group LLC. He was told that since he agreed to be transferred the call was not a violation of the DNC rules. Too bad so sad, you will continued to be called. No one has been willing to remove his name and number from the list being sold over and over again. Even though it is a bad lead for Medicare it keeps getting sold.


To this very day he averages 25 calls a day. Why doesn’t he just change numbers? you ask. He doesn’t want to nor feels he must because the phone number is his private property and he has exercised his rights to protection under the national DNC registry.


Industry whistleblowers are coming forward to say the average “lead” in Medicare is sold off 11 to 15 times. In looking at this story it makes sense. If you are receiving an average of 25 calls a day from Medicare call centers, I’m sure your contact data has been sold of many times. Unfortunately, this man is getting calls from not just Medicare call centers now but from all types of industry’s as his information is being resold again and again.


Why would the conglomerate worry about the quality of the lead anyway? They’re not the ones paying for them. The field agent is. One last thing to consider. If a 34 year old man’s data is worth $11 on a “live” transfer for a Medicare lead, how much more is your BOB clients data worth?


WE MUST PROTECT OUR CLIENT DATA! Search & Save does just that.


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You can check out the interview here on YouTube:

Amber Lutes
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